Learning Unity3D as an artist without coding knowledge (part 2)

I found it easy to make quick two-frame animation through NaniNovel.

Since you can just add a still image @char s pose:0,0 in my case, then set its appearance as Up. Then copy and paste it to another line and replace Up with Down. The appearances were the expressions I mentioned previously in part 1.

A thing that I learned is that you do not need to add the parameter appearance since you can just immediately add it in front of @char s which becomes @char s.Up or @char s.Down

After that, adding the timeparameter will allow a slow transition that feels like actual animation. (cheap-looking albeit)

The first two lines are similar to what I mentioned before.

@ hidePrinter allows me to hide away the bubble pinter that I was using before.

Then I set another printer bubble that appears near the bottom floor which creates this funny scene where the dark mage yells.

Then I’ll hide the printer before playing wonderful music that acts as the punchline bgm after a joke.

I then hid the character but it’s actually not needed since he was brought below the screen.

Afterward, the code @ goto allows me to jump to another script. In this case, I jumped to a scene where the character is falling. Then ending this script with @ stop which is needed to tell that the scrip ended there and no errors will pop up.



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Haron K.

Haron K.


Game dev beginner, amateur author & concept artist. 21 years old and having fun with life :D