Learning Unity3D as an artist without coding knowledge (part 1)

Haron K.
3 min readApr 22, 2021


Through NaniNovel visual novel engine


So, I’m using NaniNovel as a tool to replace the need to code. It’s a fantastic writing tool that only requires really simple commands to use; Allowing me to focus on developing the 2D art for the test game.

I’m currently using placeholder assets as I try and improve the fast doodle art direction that I had planned.

I drew the simple character splash. They’re cute even with janky anatomy atm.
Trying out Naninovel engine by learning through the demo they provided.

Alright, let’s start with the art. First, I created two quick characters (About 15 minutes for the right character and 15 minutes for the left.)

The reason why it still took 15minutes for a simple character is due to the animations I had in mind.

I quickly doodled three iterations where the slime character pulls the lever.

Then I separated each one into expressions for the normal slime.

I added a new character list and named it simply “s”, and then I clicked on the button where the red arrow is pointing at.
At the bottom, I added expressions
The same thing with the dark mage (quick doodle). Trying my best to keep it simple. The final might be cell-shading though.

So, let’s talk about Script1. I first added the scene background before adding the bgm which fades(not stopping till it’s completely done due to ‘wait:false)

Then I added a clickable bubble to the left. Teaching me how to add a choice.

Basically, move to the resource folder and Create -> Naninovel -> Choice Button. Customize the image inside the newly created choice button to your fitting. In my case, I chose the one below. I named it “Choice” and when write after the command button:Choice It would then use the image below as a clickable/interactable image in the scene. Not to forget the position of the choice button which can be followed after the @choice pos:x,y

Here is where I set up the printer. This is really inefficient since I have to :

  1. Manually keep moving the bubble so that it fits where I want it. Ideally in front of the character.
  2. It is slow to set up.

Instead, the best thing you can do is setting up. First, you go and click where I pointed the arrow at.

Then fill in your display name. In my case, I typed the letter “d” since it’s fast.
You can change the colour of the character’s name and message colour too. With a printer that fits it. If you want to do the bubble printer, I believe you have to create a new printer and set the position there. But I feel like that’ll be too much work. Haven’t tested it yet.

So, when I type in the code d: "Text" it’ll automatically use the printer that I set with the letter.

Like this

Anyhow, I’ll talk more about the code next time :D



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